Thursday, 30 December 2010


I was telling my friend Courtney I had “been there, done that” as far as my blog was concerned.

We were sitting there chatting, in the glorious sun of Tenerife after too many Sangria Cava’s. Sangria without the red wine, but substituted with champagne.
Not one to brag, but we really were sitting in the Canary Islands in the sun, in an “all inclusive” resort.

The questions about ‘This is for Ann’ actually started few weeks prior to my trip. My UK friends were asking me when the next ‘Ann’ was coming.

Now, after a week of doing absolutely nothing, I had just checked facebook, chatted briefly with my friend Julie and after a few red wines, had decided to top and tail one that I started quite a few weeks prior and fill in the gaps! Funnily enough, it all still fits!

So let me start again with the title: WHAT?

I was a third through the book ‘the secret’ before putting it back on the shelf. Whilst I do like to ask the universe for everything and think positive and attract and want and get etc etc etc, I recall telling someone I found it repetitive and they told me straight up: ‘you weren’t ready to read it’.
What a funny comment.

Then recently, an arrogant bloke replied to me with ‘Do you expect me to go back to Singapore to get it?’. I just stared at him. How do you reply to that? He knew he couldn’t do what he wanted and was ready with the ‘comeback’ before I spoke.

We all encounter strange people.
They probably have the same thoughts, or worse, about me. It’s the one thing about customer service and people in general, that intrigues me. You come into work and must have a good day.

Most comments and replies have me wanting to ask another question. They are not that funny, don’t make sense and leave loopholes all over the place.

Way back in the early 2000’s, (so long ago) my workplace used to give away muffins for the punters to enjoy whilst we ran competitions and gave away meat trays and vouchers.
The same old woman would always take two muffins every time, with the usual comment: ‘this is for my husband, he is parking the car’. Terri, my colleague got to the point of replying ‘ahh yes, the husband’. We never did meet the husband. We don’t think he existed – she was just greedy.

Then there was the woman I worked with who had worked for the King of India as a waitress, whose parents had won the largest ever prize on a game show and told many of us something about a dog pining for her on the phone after a car accident in another country…… (this one I had to word very carefully due to fear of being sued).

It is one of those things you just can’t be sure to believe, but of course, love to hear. And………… more importantly, you make sure what you have heard, is just like the others who you have been keeping tabs with! ( This one kept us all going for a good year or two!)

But, it is these stories and dramatic people that really make me question what is true and not and what I am actually saying and believeing in.

When you have a few drinks, you always know that you can be a little over exaggerated. But mostly, its truth with ‘a bit on the side’. However, these four very different examples have one thing in common: RESPONSES.

The old woman lied about the husband. Unless he really was parking the car, then that would make me the liar!

The fellow travelling back to Singapore definitely tried to fool me but I didn’t really care. But he spoke with such defensiveness, it showed me he knew the answer before he walked in the door and just wanted to challenge the system.

And honestly, that woman was so much fun to listen to, I really can’t say anymore. Except we kept tabs on her “pregnancies” really, enough about this one!

Then, I think about me and that little chat on the Island of Tenerife – did I mention it again?

So here ends a flurry of words, or blog 5. Just a chat and bits that I’ve had on my mind.
WHAT? Yes, I bloody lied. Sorry Court. But thanks Julie and Lizzy. Its here!

P.s, Finished in London two weeks after I told myself to finish it. BRING ON 2011!

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