Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Oh Facey, you just make me want to tell the world!

Here are some posts on my facebook wall from myself and others. When you take a look back, you realise how "in the moment" it really is.
And how they are quite absurd aswell. Here is a collection of my 2012 faves - Jan to June:

The Dingo DID take the baby.
All my fb friends started fighting each other. I just stated a fact :/

Did I just drive past you on the entrance road looking a little like someone from the partridge family?
 Did you expect anything less?

From Mark:
I know I go on about it like a weirdo, but I LOVE my 1960s Sunbeam Mixmaster! Not only does it whip up a lovely cake, it make THE BEST mashed potatoes! Yum yum!
Who would've thought it?

Lordy, this 'pro' with the bad wig and her "did it, didn't do, silly me, my bad" is really believing everything she says. Lock this loon up - NOW! Regardless!
Thank god I remember what I was talking about!

This is pretty clear:
Nobody come near me. Make no sudden moves. I DID drink. I AM hungover. Be considerate Ploise!
I had three phone calls that day.

Popped in for lunch! — with Mark Orren at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre.
I don't even care! Why would you?

Love blowing up balloons at 5.40! Makes Saturday all the more exciting!
I lied.

Hahaha... Finally somewhere you can stick UR moot mat!! — with Mark Orren and 3 others.

Having a muffin with mum! — with Maree Drysdale.
Darl........ Stop us!

Hello Friday!
It never responded.

Ahhhhh, its Thursday!
Just in case you missed Play School.

Just arrived home to find this! How cute, sewing my pants — with Daniel Drysdale at Gumnut Cottage.
 Awkward status inclusion.

and finally............
Oh.My.God. I just found myself miming to one direction. Daniel...... You're almost 31. Shame on you.
 Worst of all, I enjoy the song.

I think I need to be weened off Facebook.  Baby steps. Yes, baby steps!  But friends, before you agree, take a look back on your timeline and tell me what the hell you were on at the time.  Then judge me :)